Nina Taumberger

Nina is a qualified Spiral & NLP practitioner, Naturopath, Colon Hydrotherapy & Energy healer. Mentor, motivator & yoga Instructor of 8 years, with over 1000hrs of training. 

Operating with a mission to activate the innate healing capacities in her clients, Nina works to bring more alignment, harmony and empowerment in all areas of her client’s lives.

Nina holistically guides clients to their fullest potential and assists with their own growth and healing processes in a safe space that allows people to feel held, seen and heard. She is deep service to the work of healing, growth and transformation.

Nina Taumberger  B.H.Sc (Comp.Med.),ND

Resident Colon Hydro therapist at FLOW THERAPY - Nimbus Co, Byron Bay. 

Nina is a Naturopath, Colon hydrotherapist, Yoga teacher, Spiral and NLP practitioner.  


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