WE ARE NIMBUS CO, Australia’s first exclusive and leading infrared sauna and cold immersion studio located in Bondi, Byron Bay, Melbourne and Manly. The premier space for those looking to improve their health and wellness, in a judgement-free, safe and warm environment. Nimbus is an ethos; a way of living. Join our family.

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Why own a studio?

Being first to market with infrared technology in Australia, and eight years of experience, we’ve done all the hard work to build, foster and design a brand that cares, and that works.

We're a family run business, a married duo of Su and Neil who started Nimbus as a result of their own health journeys. We do things differently. We're a conscious brand that cares and is careful with everything it executes.

Now with four studios nationally, all the knowledge, IP and support is a given for our new studio owners. Everything from financials, locations, lease documents to pricing and manuals, we've trialled and tested it all to make your life easier.

Want to start your journey with us and own your own Nimbus Co studio?

Who we are

A family run business established in 2016. A business powered primarily by women.

We're built on strong values:

| integrity | innovation | safety | equality | balance | responsibility | impact | freedom | curiosity | support |

Our ethos

Our ethos is to be a trusted voice and leader in preventative wellness.

Drive strong values as a business.

Support our team, our people and the community around us to live healthier.

We’ve been busy observing and researching practices local and from across the globe in order to curate a special experience - the Nimbus effect. Aimed at anyone who comes into contact with our brand. Whether it's in the studio, at home, or on the go, we're there for you.

The industry

  • The wellness industry is on the up and is recovering post-COVID
  • Wellness is more important than ever
  • Wellness services support mental health, which is a number one priority for people right now
  • There's a change in attitudes to what “wellness” means. It’s no longer just about gyms and classes
  • People now looking for Yin as well as Yang
  • In studio

  • At home

  • On the go

  • Health experts

We support you all along the way

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Fast go-to-market

We can support you in setting up your own Nimbus Co studio within 12 months.

Low capital investment

Compared to other bigger wellness brands, our program is achievable for those looking to make a change in their life.

Lean operations

When it comes to staffing, manuals, and guides, we've got all of this in place to help you streamline your business.

Grow with us

This isn't about us. We believe in the ripple effect and with partners already in place, we believe that we can impact more together as a group.

There is an opportunity to own more than one studio both locally and internationally.

Structure at a glance

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License fee

This is a one-time fee paid by the prospective studio owner.

License agreement

Between licensee and licensor to determine length and details of the partnership.

Monthly fee

This is payable by the licensee each month to use the brand's license.

Next steps

  • Fill in our enquiry form below
  • We'll be in touch with you shortly after
  • Further questions will be answered
  • More detailed catch-up
  • You'll receive our information pack

Or you can email us at neil@nimbusco.com.au.

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