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Appointments - Infrared Sauna

What are infrared saunas?

Infrared saunas use invisible infrared wavelengths to penetrate deep within the tissue, muscle and bones. Unlike traditional saunas that use heated rocks through 'convection' to increase the temperature of the air around you making it difficult to breathe.

An infrared sauna uses these wavelengths that mimic the way the sun produces heat to heat your core (but without the UV). As it's a dry experience having more oxygen in the air compared to a traditional one, it makes for amore comfortable sauna experience.

By penetrating deep into your body, these wavelengths encourage your core temperature to slowly rise allowing your body to gently remove the build-up of unwanted toxins in your system. 

How often should I use infrared saunas?

We recommend at least upwards of twice a week. It can depend on your goal or health condition and you can use it daily if you wish. You can build it into your routine like you would exercise. If you are using the infrared sauna for different health protocols (e.g. a cleanse or detoxification program), it may help to sauna more frequently. If you have any questions at all about our saunas, don't hesitate to contact us or just ask our friendly staff. Please be sure to talk to your medical practitioner should you have specific health concerns.

Can I bring a friend to my session?

You can definitely bring a friend to your infrared sauna session. We have standard sized 2-person saunas or large saunas on site which can accommodate 3 people. If you choose to bring a friend, we charge an extra $19 per session per person.

What is your cancellation policy?

We have a strict 3-hour reschedule and cancellation policy for all infrared sauna appointments. Should you late cancel or reschedule your appointment within the cancellation period, you will be liable for 50% of the session fee. Appointment no shows will forfeit the session or you will be charged at the full rate. 

Are the rooms private?

Yes, our infrared sauna rooms are 100% private and secluded. You can select which room you would prefer depending on availability. The room will be allocated to you for the entire time of your booking. Each room is fitted with a stool, shelf and hook for you to hang your bag/clothing items.

What is the difference between the large and regular sauna?

All of our infrared saunas integrate the full spectrum infrared technology into their functionality - however, not all saunas were created equal. Our standard infrared sauna rooms are very comfortable for one or two people seated next to one another. Our large/yoga saunas are able to fit the length of a yoga mat in them or three people seated comfortably. Book the large/yoga sauna for yourself to do your own slow heated flow or share some downtime with a few friends. We also have an outdoor barrel sauna in Bondi which can accommodate up to four people.

What should I wear during my session?

All rooms are private so we welcome you to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in - which can be either swimmers or nothing at all. We recommend going nude because any clothing you do wear will block the absorption of infrared. Please remember to remain seated on a towel during your session. 

Should I shower mid-way through my session if I get hot?

It depends on what your goal for your session is.

We generally do not recommend showering mid-way through your session if you're looking to detoxify. Infrared saunas are dry saunas and water can easily damage them. We request that you please be seated on a towel throughout the duration of your session and be mindful of water inside the saunas. Should you wish you shower mid-way through a session we kindly ask you dry off completely before re-entering the sauna. If you don't mind staying a little sweaty post-sauna, we actually recommend waiting 30 minutes after a session to shower. Your body may continue to sweat for at least 30 minutes after an infrared sauna session so it is advised to wait until your body temperature cools down.

But if your goal is contrast therapy, then yes, mixing between hot and cold is beneficial. We have a specific contrast suite in our outdoor garden in Bondi built for this type of session and desired outcome.

What should I bring to my session?

Bring a towel, a change of clothing, and a water bottle. We provide one towel per person.

Leif Botanicals body wash and shampoo are provided in all our bathrooms for you to use and we also offer complimentary filtered water for guests. We have plenty of reading materials, magazines and books to read, as well as an iPad in each room should you wish to watch or listen to something.

You can also connect your mobile phone to the Bluetooth speakers inside the sauna so you can put on your own audio book or meditation.

Health concerns?

  • Children under the age of 18;
  • People above the age of 55;
  • Anyone with cardiovascular conditions;
  • Individuals prone to bleeding;
  • If you'd had a chemical based facial within 24 hours before;
  • Pregnant women should avoid using the infrared sauna; and
  • Individuals suffering from chronic health conditions should always consult with their physician prior to use.

If you are unsure about using an infrared sauna or ice bath, always consult with your doctor or physician first. 

Do you have shower facilities?

Yes, we have showers on site. In our Byron Bay and Melbourne studios, we invite you to simply move across to the showers for your post-sauna rinse.

Our Bondi studio offers either in-room shower facilities or the choice of three separate showers/bathrooms. All of our infrared sauna studios provide you with Leif botanicals products to wash with.

Appointments - General FAQs

Can I bring a friend along?

Yes, you can add an extra person to your appointment. No need to let us know in advance. Maximum is 2 people per standard sauna and 3 people for the large sauna and outdoor barrel sauna range.

Each additional person is $15 and payment is taken on arrival.

My extra person can no longer make it

If you have booked for 2 people and only 1 person is able to attend the appointment, no problem, we can remove the additional person costs on arrival.

Need to reschedule?

We have a 3-hour rescheduling and cancellation window. If you cannot make your appointment, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment 3-hours outside of your appointment time by logging into your profile through the FRESHA APP/WEB BROWSER 
Go to Profile > Appointments > Manage appointments > Reschedule appointment or cancel appointment. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule within 3-hours of your appointment send us a text/voice message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to attend to your request. We do our best to accommodate for when your schedule changes, however we likely won’t be able to make adjustments and we will need to proceed with the 50% of sale total late cancellation fee or 100% of sale total late cancellation fee for no shows or cancellations after your appointment time has begun.

Running late to your appointment?

If you are unable to get through, please send us a text to update us on your expected arrival time. Your session begins at the time you booked for and will end on schedule. We’ll do our best to accommodate you so that you can enjoy your full session, however we cannot guarantee this due to a booking following your appointment.

I have a voucher

If you would like to redeem your voucher, please proceed to booking online and present your voucher when you arrive for your appointment. No payment is taken at the time of booking.

Card details are required when creating a new profile to secure your spot and align with our cancellation/no-show policy.

Can’t see an appointment time online that suits you?

Our booking system is live and accurate. If you cannot see an appointment, you may send us a text with your name and ideal time and we can add you to the waitlist. If that spot becomes available, we’ll book you in.

You have a pre-paid pack and the booking system is asking you to add your card details?

Card details are a requirement at the time of booking, in line with our cancellation/no-show policy. No payment will actually be taken at the time of making your booking.

If you have a pre-paid pack already on your account with us, this will be applied to your session by our team member when you arrive for your session.

Your card would only be charged if you missed your appointment, in line with our cancellation policy.

How to pause your recurring membership?

You are able to ‘pause’ your recurring membership with us if you know you are going away, or are sick etc.

Ideally please notify us to ‘pause’ your membership right before the next weekly billing cycle begins. 

Email our team at hello@nimbusco.com.au, or speak to us in-studio to let us know you are needing to pause your membership.

Please note there is a strict 3-month minimum contract for all recurring memberships. This does not include time that your membership is ‘paused’. 

How to pause your pack?

You are able to ‘pause’ your sauna or ice bath pack if you come down with an illness, or know that you are going away for a certain period of time etc.

After your last session before going away, let the team know you would like to pause your pack.

Please note that packs cannot be ‘extended’ once they reach the expiry date, only paused during.

When you are ready to come back;  book in as normal for your next  session and upon arrival let our team know that you have a pack that needs to be un-paused. We will then resume the pack for you, and apply this to your session.

Have further questions?

If you require support for a pack or membership or any other enquiry please send an email to hello@nimbusco.com.au or send a text/voice message and we’ll get back to you during business hours (9am-4pm: Monday-Friday).

Appointments - Ice Baths

What do I wear during my session?

All participants must wear swimmers or bathers whilst in the ice bath.

Why is there no ice?

Our commercial ice bath uses an pump and chiller to regulate and maintain the very low temperatures making physical ice unnecessary. Ice is also not produced with the ice bath machine as it does not go below 5 degrees celsius; meaning it's not cold enough for the water to freeze over.

How many people fit in the ice bath

1 person can go in the ice bath at a time.

What should I bring to my session

You will need to bring/wear swim wear and a spare towel.

Nimbus will provide you with the following:

  • Complimentary towel and bath mat
  • Reading material to support your ice bath experience
  • iPad to watch any tutorials/listen to music
  • Hot tea to enjoy post ice bath

Can I bring a friend to my session?

You can definitely bring a friend to your ice bath session. You will be charged an additional $15 per extra person per session, for them to join you.

First time doing an ice bath?

If it’s your first time, don't worry, we have you covered.

When doing your first ice bath - and you have any pre-existing conditions - please consult your health care professional prior.

We are often asked how long should I stay in the first time? There is no right or wrong answer here. On average, three minutes is a good marker to reap the full benefits, but there are no heroes here. Many people can only do 30 seconds the first time around, that's totally fine. It's like any health modality, you will create endurance the more you do.

Is the ice bath private?

Yes, our ice bath rooms are 100% private and secluded. The room will be allocated to you for the entire time of your booking. Each room is fitted with seating, a shelf and hook for you to store your bag/clothing items.

Bondi does have an outdoor ice bath in our garden there but it also has an indoor ice bath if you prefer privacy.

Health concerns?

If you have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease or high blood pressure, or type 1 and type 2 diabetes you need to be cautious when using ice baths. You must consult your practitioner or physician before using our facilities, as the decrease in core temperature and the immersion in ice constricts blood vessels and slows the flow of blood in the body.

How long are the sessions?

All ice bath room bookings are 15-minutes in duration, which gives you time before and after your 3-minute ice bath to shower and dress. If you are an experienced user and wish to do longer, please consult our staff. Importantly please note:

  • Showering BEFORE your ice bath session is compulsory and we kindly request that you utilise the towel and bath mat provided for this.
  • You are also welcome to bring your own additional towels from home or you can hire extra towels from reception.
  • The ice bath session itself is 3 minutes long in total.

Should I shower before and after?

Before, yes. After, it's up to you.

Shower before to cleanse and wash off any make up or sweat etc, then shower afterwards to warm up again.

We advise not to use too hot a shower post your ice bath, best to use room temperature water and gradually warm things up from there to avoid any damage, tingling or pain to the skin. Or, save your shower for when you get home. That way, your body naturally warms back up, which comes with additional health benefits.

What is the temperature set at?

We aim to keep the ice bath at - or as close as possible - to 5°C at all times. Sometimes the temperature may be slightly higher, but if it gets too warm (anything north of 11°C) our team will facilitate a break, so the bath can re-cool.

Rest assured, studies have shown that 15°C and below is the range for you to reap the benefits of cold immersion therapy - so it doesn't have to be as cold as you think.

Is hypothermia a risk?

This can occur by staying in an ice bath for too long, therefore we have set the time limit for 3-mins per session.

What if I am feeling unwell? What should I do?

Stop immediately, ring the bell in the room for emergencies and speak to our staff who will attend to you as soon as they can.

Do I follow breathing exercises?

This is not necessary, unless you are experienced and have a practice you’re already working with.

It can certainly help and regulating your breathing helps train your nervous system (Vagus Nerve) in dealing with your 'flight or fight' mode. It works sort of like an accordion in the sense it trains your body to adapt between your sympathetic and parasympathetic states. Your teaching your body how to cope with stressful environments and has sometimes been known as the 'dive effect', which is your body's way of cessation of breathing.

This then decreases your heart rate, and increases peripheral vascular resistance leading to a redistribution of blood flow limiting your flow to non-essential muscles.

Best time to do an ice bath?

The sooner you get in an ice bath after a cardio workout, the better the effects should be.

If post a gym session, best if you wait more than an hour after the workout, some of the healing and inflammatory processes in the body have already begun or have already finished and you won't effect that healthy inflammation gained from weight lifting.

If you take your ice bath in the morning give you a great natural high for the day. They help release serotonin in the body too which supports reduction of stress and depression.

Night time sessions are beneficial post a cardio training session. It has been said it can also give you a good nights rest afterwards.

Is shivering normal?

Shivering is normal in terms of reaction to heat extraction.

Shivering also stimulates the breakdown of brown fat to provide warmth to the body and has been said to stimulate additional fat loss. For us though, it’s usually a sign to jump out as you can also continue to shiver even after you get out. And if you do, we often get asked, “what should I do?”. The answer is… nothing.

Let your body naturally warm back up, that’s best. Or, if you really want to, you can do some light squats or arm raises to bring some warmth back in.

Sauna Blankets

Where are your saunas made?

Our sauna cabins and sauna blankets are made in China.

How do you keep your blanket clean?

The sauna blankets are easy to wipe down and keep clean. We recommend a natural cleaning agent and a cloth.

We suggest putting a towel down in the blanket to avoid excess sweating. Simply remove your towel after use, spray and wipe down, and it will be good to go again.

How often should I use my sauna blanket?

You can use the sauna on a daily basis. We recommend no longer than 30-45 minute sessions per day. Always stay hydrated and replenish lost electrolytes. You can try incorporating our own natural hydration supplement Cloud Form to replenish post sauna.

Are the saunas low EMF

Yes. All our saunas have been independently reviewed for EMF Safety Certification.

Any safety concerns?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or concerns, please consult with your doctor or health professional first. Do not use the sauna if you are:

  • On meditations, please consult your doctor prior to use.
  • Pregnant
  • Have high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease
  • Always remain hydrated
  • Allow the blanket to cool before packing away
  • Keep away from children or pets
  • Listen to your body. If you are feeling unwell stop your session.


How much is delivery?

Free shipping on orders over $100. We charge a flat $10 fee for standard shipping and $15 for express for all other orders.

How long does delivery take?

Standard delivery in metro areas is between 3-5 working days. Express delivery is 2 days.

Do you deliver internationally?

Not at this stage.

Can I change or cancel my order once it's been placed?

You will need to email hello@nimbusco.com.au within a 12-hour period should you wish to cancel your order.


What payment options are available?

We offer Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal and AfterPay.

Still have a question?

You can reach out to us directly.

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