Carissa Walford

As an NLP practitioner, Carissa will take you to the depths of your truest-self to live in full alignment, neuroscience and energetics to transform you.

“I’ve learned that this winding and continuous path towards self-discovery isn’t easy. It’s wild, unpredictable, and sometimes terrifying. I’m still learning, but I know one thing: evolution is always worth the growing pains.”

After fifteen years in the entertainment industry as an award-winning television host (Foxtel’s Channel [V]), journalist, and producer who built her own brand, Carissa realised that the connecting through-line of all that I did was the pursuit of depth. It came through the questions she asked, the curiosity she fostered, and the honesty she led with. On-screen and off, Carissa has always tryed to bring peoples’ true selves forward. Not as a fluff piece, or a PR stunt, but as a way of connecting to the individual and who they truly are.


+ 200hr Yoga Alliance Qualification, Modern Movement (Sydney)

+ NLP Practitioner

+ Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner

+ EFT Practitioner

+ T.I.M.E Techniques Practitioner

+ Life & Success Coach

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