Why a juice cleanse could be a good option to detoxify your body

Recently we interviewed the Miriam Ter Borg, co-founder of Sol Cleanse, a leading juice provider in Australia. We chat about 'juice cleanses', if she's really loves doing them, the benefits of regular 'juicing' and why they're important to have in your weekly ongoing routine, a look at preventative health and what's next for the brand.

We always start with this question but what does 'health and wellness' mean to you?

Health and Wellness for me is about considering things holistically through a “traditional” lens. What I mean by that is I like to consider how things were done by our ancestors. I feel like humans have really complicated health and wellness and I like to come back to the basics of eating wholefoods, breathing fresh air, moving my body and connecting with nature - keeping things simple! I have also experienced in my own journey that a lot of our wellbeing is determined by our level of stress and how regulated our nervous system is. It is when we are truly relaxing that our systems can rest and repair so when we are in a constant state of fight and flight (even if it’s only low level) this has a cascading effect on all our body systems and also our mental health. So for me that’s really the number one thing we need to address - if we are in a constant state of fight or flight our bodies.

Let's dive right into Sol Cleanse, what's the background to getting the brand together?

Sol Cleanse has been an evolving brand. Where we started from 11 years ago to where we are now is a totally different brand, but what has remained the same is our integrity and commitment to creating the highest quality organic products for our customers. Back in 2012 we realised how beneficial juice cleansing is for people and wanted to make it really accessible and easy for people to be able to cleanse regularly. We started really small and humble with only three levels of cleanses to choose from, operating out of a really small kitchen, and have grown to now have a broad offering of cleanses, meals, and a range of other accessories to wellbeing.

[Sol Cleanse founders, Miriam and Larrissa]

Why did you see the need to fill a gap in a crowded juice industry?

Actually we were at the forefront of the juice industry. We launched in January 2013 as the first cold pressed juice company on the Gold Coast and amongst the first in Australia. We had seen what was available to people in America and wanted to bring the health benefits of cold pressed juice and cleansing to our area.

What's your own background? Was there a personal story behind creating Sol Cleanse?

My mother introduced me to the world of nutrition and healthy eating from a very young age. Back in the 80’s she was already growing her own produce bio dynamically, feeding us organic food and grains like quinoa well before they had become trendy. Although I may not have liked it as a child it set the foundation for my interest in wholefoods and living and eating in ways that were healthful. I studied psychology at university and experienced the impacts of healthy eating on my emotional wellbeing which led me to explore further how cleansing can support us with feeling great! Over the years I have also studied a variety of different nutritional and health coaching courses which furthered my love and education in all things wellness.

How important is it to have juices in your life?

Juice is a wonderful way to get a variety of fruit and vegetables into your body, especially if you are struggling to get enough in your regular diet. It is just important to make sure it is high quality juice - meaning it is fresh and ideally organic. The majority of juice that is available, even if it has been cold pressed, has been pasteurised in some way (whether through heat or high pressure) which reduces its nutritional value. So to get benefits from your juice either make your own or purchase juice that has a best before date of only a few days (such as our daily juice packs).  

What are the scientific benefits of regular 'juicing'?

Regular juicing has been shown to offer multiple health benefits, particularly when integrated with a balanced whole foods diet. Juicing increases the intake of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Many of which the average person wouldn't be consuming on a day to day basis. This can positively impact our gut microbiome, immune function, reduce oxidative stress and support the body's natural detoxification processes. We add extra fibre and probiotics to our fruit/vegetable juices helping to lower blood sugar spikes and feed the healthy bacteria in our gut while cleansing.

Are you fans of juice cleanses?

I am a huge fan of juice cleanses as a health reset, and I love how you feel after a three day (or more) cleanse.

[Sol Cleanse has a popular 'immunity' range too]

What do you see as the positive impacts of juices in your routine?

As per the earlier question, it is a great way to get the benefits of a wide range of fruit and vegetables in a really easy and effective way.

What's the difference between juicing and shakes?

Juices are all natural from fruits and vegetables full of vitamins and enzymes. Shakes can vary in quality but contain processed ingredients.

Ok tell us, what's your normal weekly wellness routine? 

At the moment I am starting my day with warm water and lemon, doing a short breathwork routine and doing a lymphatic system activation sequence. Other than that throughout the week varies from day to day but includes going to the gym, surfing, and gardening! I have also just started getting into running again after a long break. As often as possible I like to go for a sauna and get massages. I also like to do a stretch/yoga session outside on my deck.

Is there one non-negotiable in your weekly routine you can't live without? 

Not exactly one thing, but I definitely need to move my body and spend some time outdoors. 

What inspiration did you draw on for the branding by the way, which we love

I can credit our beautiful branding to my business partner Larrissa Cunningham. She has impeccable style and has brought her grounded elegance and grace to all our branding. I love it too! We also have a wonderful marketing team who really “get” our brand and bring it to life daily.

Any stand-out ingredients you're proud of using? Or not using?

The thing I am proudest of using is organic ingredients. Not all companies do this, and to me it just makes sense. If you are cleansing or supporting your health why would you consume ingredients that have chemicals in it?

What does the future look like for Sol?

Sol Cleanse is constantly evolving and we have been working on a range of products over the last few years that will be finally coming to fruition in 2024 so watch this space! Ultimately we aim to continually bring to market products that we love and find essential in our own personal health journeys.

We always ask this question to finish, "What is one thing you'd recommend people to do every day to improve their overall health?"

Rest! As I said before the foundation of health really starts with a regulated nervous system so find a way to have some daily guilt-free rest (without scrolling on your phone) in a way that feels good to you, whether that is having a cup of tea and listening to music, lying on the grass and looking up at a tree, having a bath - ideally just doing something that you can just be with yourself.

Best way to connect with you? Social media etc?


Interviewer: Neil O'Sullivan, co-founder NIMBUS CO.

Words: Miriam Ter Borg, co-founder, Sol Cleanse.

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