What’s Next for Nimbus?

We have a responsibility to be a place where people can come and feel safe, be somewhere without being judged or viewed in a certain light, and be vulnerable if they need.

Nimbus Co was born in 2016 when founders Su Tuttle and Neil O’Sullivan fell in love with the ritual of having regular infrared saunas. Five years and three studios later, we chat with Neil about what’s next for Nimbus.

What does Nimbus Co represent?

It's an interesting question as if you had asked me that back in 2016 when we first opened our doors, I would have said that we were an infrared sauna and wellness studio. But fast forward five years and gosh we've moved from being so much than that. Yes, infrared saunas and our studios are the cornerstones of who we are and where we've come from, but since then we've grown to realise that Nimbus Co and our vision are not limited to the four walls of our studios.

Covid and the subsequent lockdowns expedited this further when all of our studios had to close (and at the time of writing this, our Melbourne studio is closed once more). We started to think that we needed to bring Nimbus to the community no matter where they are. It fast-tracked the digitisation of the brand and when we thought about it more and more, we started to feel that the 'Nimbus experience' represents an ethos, a way of living. We're all about preventative care, self-care, and taking the time to slow down, rest, restore and regain balance. This can be applied to every aspect of your life; your day, your week, your routine - not just when you’re inside one of our saunas.

We have a responsibility to be a place where people can come and feel safe, be somewhere without being judged or viewed in a certain light, and be vulnerable if they need. Nimbus is your space, your time. This started to turn lightbulbs on upstairs for us with regards to providing that same experience you get when coming into the studio to wherever you are in the world - whether it's at home, on the go, or outside of Australia.

So as to what Nimbus Co represents on this date in 2021, I would say "we're a conscious and ethical movement powered by the properties of infrared. We’re focused on the health and wellbeing of the community by providing a safe, secure space and unique experience for Australians, and soon to be the rest of the world".

What has been your proudest moment as Nimbus’ co-founder?

I think both Su and I would admit that we're not great at accepting the wins, especially in the moment. It's actually hard to say what the one proudest moment is or was because there have been so many. Opening the doors initially and having people come in for the first time will never be topped!

Nimbus grew when Alex (Byron’s owner) and Eva (Melbourne’s co-owner) came on board. Seeing the Byron studio open and then Melbourne too, are certainly major milestones never to be forgotten. Alex and Eva entering our Nimby family have been a treasure and we're so lucky to have them.

We’re also so proud of all our amazing staff. We have a team of incredible women who carry the flag so well across the three different locations. To see their energy, enthusiasm, and love for what Nimbus represents is extremely humbling.

The goodwill and love that we've felt from the community have also been fantastic. We hope we do things a little differently and it's amazing to know others are passionate about doing good too. We're a conscious brand and we want to spread that message across the world.

Finally and most importantly, are the stories and connections we receive from our clients. The term 'clients' has never really sat well because, to be honest, they are our tribe, our people, our commune. To see how we can impact those that come through our four walls is the most rewarding of all. We've met lifelong friends, companions, confidants, and more in the short space and time we've been open. Long may that continue. To be able to say that we've helped even just one person in their life, well, it's all been worth it.

What dreams do you have for Nimbus’ future?

What Covid has taught us is that we want to be able to share the Nimbus experience with everyone no matter where we are. The experience you feel from just being 'in the space', outside of all the benefits that come with sauna-ing, has probably been the biggest surprise to us since the beginning. The feeling people get by coming in, stopping by. The time they're allocating to their own self; the peace, serenity, and security that comes with just one hour in your day is arguably the best part of coming to see us. The difference in how you feel, no matter where you've come from before, to how you feel when you leave, is incredible. We used to say that it left you feeling amongst the clouds and I still think that is true today.

For 2021 and beyond, we're working on how we can expand that vibe regardless of where you are across the world and for it to not be limited to our four walls in Bondi, Byron, or Melbourne. We want to encourage people to carry this feeling through every aspect of their lives. Stay tuned for some exciting things we have planned to do just that. The Nimbus cloud will be extending far and wide to hopefully one day be accessible to millions of people globally. The old adage still rings true, your health is your wealth and we want you to welcome your wellness.

We have some major projects landing this year and I wanted to share a few teasers for you today:

  • Nimbus Online: Come July 2021, Nimbus Co is truly going digital with the launch of our very own content platform service, Nimbus Online. We've collated the best and brightest health and wellness practitioners from in and around our community to bring their expertise across topics such as meditation, yoga, breathing, fertility, mental health and more, via accessible and snackable content formats such as video, audio, PDF guides, and recipes. We'll be making an official announcement of its launch in July.

  • The Garden Event Space in Bondi: We've just launched 'The Garden' at 95 Bondi Road, out the back of our Bondi studio in collaboration with The Calmm. We felt that there was a gap when it came to offering an alternative wellness-focused event space in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, so we've got an indoor and outdoor oasis now ready to hire.

  • Ice baths - Byron is bringing a new experience to the studio: Launching by the end of June, Alex and her team will be announcing a very exciting addition to the in-studio services. Stay tuned for further announcements.

  • 2021 - The Year of the Product: We have a really big announcement coming in the second half of this year around our product offering - but you'll have to wait for that one!

Neil O’Sullivan, co-founder and CEO of Nimbus Co - @neilosul

For more information on Nimbus Co and our infrared saunas; About Nimbus Co. — Nimbus Co.


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