Why Movement in Your Everyday Life is So Important

When it comes to the topic of people, community and your surrounding environment, we've always been blessed here at Nimbus Co. Whilst fostering a community that valued the same things we did was an objective from the outset, it doesn't necessarily mean it can come to fruition. 

Unbeknownst to us at the time, we didn't realise how lucky we would get. Throughout all walks of Nimbus land, we are showered with people who care about their wellbeing, their health; bodies and minds. For us, this has meant we've been able to meet and get to know some amazing people. Some qualified health practitioners, and some who aren't, but who all share that similar outlook that we can help each other to be healthier humans. You don't have to be a health practitioner to strive to be healthier. We can take inspiration from anyone and anyhow we can in our own lives. It's all relative. 

One of those fine humans is Byron native, Cat Boutagy - with a specific focus on movement. A woman with an expansive story to tell in her own right but someone who not only nurtures but is a beacon of the tranquility that the Byron community represents. Who herself is a master of her art; the art of yoga. Her blend of practice marries both east and western cultures, bringing with it over 1,000 hours of training and 10 years of teaching under her belt. She grew up in Byron too, and this place holds a special place in her heart.



[Yoga practice: 18:36 mins in duration]

An avid gardener, dancer and beach goer, it's clear she's meant for the outdoors. Not only does her talent touch the world of yoga but she's also a trained pilates instructor, retreat facilitator, and Ayurvedic wellness coach. Mixing the world of Ayurveda and tantra, she mixes worlds for a contemporary approach to her practice. In essence, this brief preface is to introduce the important of movement in our every day. Living a sedentary lifestyle is not in our DNA, whilst at times, it can seem that way. We like our rest too, don't let us state otherwise, but staying stationary for too long can have all kinds of negative effects to our well-being.

Regular movement is a building block of our overall health. Lack of it can impact our immunity, increase risk when it comes to disease and longevity of life. That's why it's important for us to stay active for things like healthy joints, muscles, mobility, overall strength and even further relevance to circulation, bone, ligament and tendon strength. Better sleep and mental health too can also improve if we have movement in our everyday lives. As a result, we've been working with specialists in their field, like Cat, to bring you a series of ongoing wellness advice via videos, PDF guides, articles, interviews, audio assets like breathwork and more. Stay tuned for more posts like this that will be released in our journal.

Cat Boutagy Yoga Flow at Nimbus Co Byron

For today, we present this beautiful restorative yoga session filmed at our very own Nimbus Co Byron studio. Step inside this practice to restore your body and mind, and join Cat in her now renowned relaxing experiences so you can unwind to a deeper state of consciousness. 

More on Cat can be found online and on her socials (@caterina.boutagy).

Words: Neil O'Sullivan, co-founder, Nimbus Co (@neilosul).

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