What is Integrative Healing?

Chev Kelly is an integrative healing facilitator, blending modern therapy with traditional practices. We discover what this form of healing can look like and how it can be beneficial for our mental health.

What is integrative healing?

Integrative healing is respectfully integrating the modern world of wellness with the traditional healing ways and is the umbrella term for the various modalities that I utilise in my work. I’ve studied counselling, case management and neuro-linguistic programming to change work patterns. My work also has components of kinesiology, kinegetics, respectful energetic work and I’m an ever student of the traditional healing way of the Andean culture. Studying and initiating in the traditional healing space allows me to be a respectful facilitator.

What inspired you to become a facilitator of this form of healing?

I’m going to give the raw truth on this one. It has been a long walk, commencing 10 years ago. It was my grandmother Mary’s death, I was very fortunate to be there when she passed over along with my sister, dad, aunty and uncles. My grandma was a nurse and wise woman. It is said that these ways skip a generation and this was my experience. Once she passed, I was immediately changed in the most beautiful way and felt that I had to “truly live” which led me to Byron Bay. Here I met many teachers in many forms and committed to a healing journey of my own by simply following these deeper callings. It was my responsibility and my studies with traditional healing ways that has supported me to comprehend this on a deeper level and I’m immensely thankful for this guidance.

Can integrative healing be beneficial to our mental health?

Yes absolutely. This space is purely to support each person to reconnect with self and to deepen their relationship with who they truly are, away from the noise of the mind, past pain and the pressures of this fast-paced world.

We're living in a time of constant stress and uncertainty. If you could give our community one piece of advice to help manage their mental health, what would it be?

Acknowledgment. When we acknowledge the truth of how we feel, no matter how scary, it allows space for clarity, solutions and grace to be found. Acknowledge how you feel, acknowledge what you need and ask for what you are unable to give yourself. If there is one thing that I have noticed during this whole experience, and is perhaps its silver lining, is that the seemingly simple things in life are showing their true value; community and connection being two core aspects of this. It’s really quite beautiful to witness. 



Chev Kelly, integrative healing facilitator - @chevkelly_

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