The New Normal

Life is slowly returning to normal. But do we even want ‘normal’ back, or have we been inspired to change?

Isolation has shown us what is truly important in our lives; connection, community and compassion. It has shown us that it’s okay, necessary even, to rest, reflect and heal.

We have been conditioned to be overly productive and constantly busy. How many times have we subtly bragged about being ‘so stressed’ to demonstrate how important and valuable we are to society? How many of us spend hours commuting to and from work, missing moments with loved ones and the opportunity to follow other passions?

What if our value as human beings lies elsewhere? Our unique talents, the laughter and joy we bring others, our ability to heal the world. What if we found a balance between work and play, and gave ourselves time to rest and dream?

We’ve all been given this opportunity to look at what’s truly important to us and our society. Let’s create a new normal, one that makes us truly happy.



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