The Basics for Good Health

Here at Nimbus Co, we understand the importance and value in taking care of your health and well-being ~ it is the cornerstone of everything we do. Whether you are at the beginning of or have delved deep into your wellness journey, the amount of information available can sometimes feel overwhelming. We believe that health should be simple and accessible to all, so let us take you back to the basics for good health.


Having a balanced diet with a variety of fruit and vegetables helps to create the biodiversity required for a healthy gut. Try incorporating some fresh produce into every meal; a delicious breakfast smoothie, a nourishing salad, roasted vegetables for dinner and some sweet fruit for dessert.


Our body is largely made up of water so staying hydrated is essential for our cells to function. To ensure that you’re drinking enough throughout the day, keep a carafe and glass near your desk or take a reusable bottle when you’re out. Try infusing some fresh fruit into your water for some natural flavour.


Having between 7 ~ 9 hours of sleep each night is recommended, however, the quality of your sleep is as important as the number of hours. Discover how you can improve your night-time routine with Our Tips For a Good Night of Sleep — Nimbus & Co.


Our bodies are designed to move and be active, yet we spend long periods doing the opposite. Daily exercise builds strength, mobility and fitness. It promotes a healthy heart and lungs and supports the lymphatic system. Find a physical activity that brings you joy and leaves you feeling invigorated.


Meditation allows our mind to slow down and be still. It provides clarity by deepening our awareness and understanding of the self, which is beneficial for reducing stress and relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety. To begin, try a guided meditation or simply focus on your breath while acknowledging your thoughts.


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