To sustain is to strengthen, support or keep something going. We often refer to sustainability as the ability to maintain healthy and balanced environmental, social and economic systems. But what about us? The self. What do we do for our own sustainability?

Sacrificing self-care for work, money or prestige might appear to be an avoidable mistake, but we’ve all participated. In our fast-paced, ever demanding lives, it’s easy to justify working “just a few more weeks” before your next holiday, or to forever be rescheduling the things that actually serve us and bring us the most joy.

We may exercise and eat well but what are we doing for our mental fitness? How do we keep our brains, minds and emotional health in shape? Taking time out for the self plays a part in working towards optimal mental health. Infrared saunas assist in reducing stress and carve out some previous time to reflect and rejuvenate. Massage therapy can increase levels of oxytocin, endorphins and blood flow throughout the body, alongside reducing cortisol. You may like to meditate or return to your breath. Connect with others. Read. Listen to the self and what sustenance it desires.

What do you do for self-sustainability?

Gift yourself the time to slow down, decompress and find balance. Schedule a mental health break into your calendar right next to your workout. Your mind and your self are worth it.


Written by Jessie Whitakker, massage therapist - @the__calmm

You can find Jessie at our Bondi infrared sauna studio; Infrared Sauna Bondi — Nimbus & Co. (


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