Our thanks to you - a year in review from Nimbus Co

We hope you, your loved ones, family and friends, enjoy the festive season and find time to get a well-earned break. We’re also thinking of those who may have had a hard year or those for whom perhaps the holiday season represents something a little different. We hope you find a moment to unwind, slow down and reconnect. Sending lots of love to one and all, and if there’s anything that Nimbus can ever do to support you in some way, please feel free to reply to this post. We’re always here to listen.


What a year it's been, gosh. We find ourselves saying that every year, especially more so in recent years. And whilst there have been many challenges not just for us at NIMBUS, but for us all as a community and across the world, we've spent some time this week reflecting on the year that was.

The beginning of the year saw the start of our newest studio, in Manly, owned by Lyndsay Dalton and her - now husband - Matt Hill. Lyndsay was our Bondi manager for many years and we couldn’t be prouder of her stepping in to have her own Nimbus. What a year it’s been for the studio and the guys personally; getting married, welcoming the gorgeous Peppa to this world and opening a studio while they’re at it.

Bondi had its own rebirthing in February, with a total renovation of the studio in conjunction with We Are Tribe and MIMA Architects. The new-look studio introduced ice baths, showers in each room, and our vanity station, and not, too long after, saw the renovation of the outdoor garden and contrast therapy suite also take place. 

Twenty-twenty-three was the year of 'contrast therapy' which has widely become a fan favourite with the wellness community and rightly so with the added health benefits that come with regular hot and cold therapy. Bondi has its own outdoor contrast space now in action, along with Manly's recent suite opening too. 

Melbourne updated its ice bath this week with our own new Nimbus ice bath machine. Huge thanks to our partner in crime there, Eva, for a big year updating the studio's look and feel. We've added more retail products, and clothing, and hosted Nimbus wellness workshops with brands - extending the Nimbus experience to offices. Byron added updates of its own with the compression boots and LED face mask private lounge, in partnership with The Calmm, plus hosted its own events in its stunning warehouse surrounds.

The studios at large focused largely you might have seen on the Nimbus 5 Senses, which saw us launch our Soundscapes, 45-minute sound journeys created in partnership with Northern Rivers artist, Matt Lesser, exploring flora and fauna sounds, frequencies and womb space, as our way to take you to an even deeper place of relaxation when you're with us. We dove further into curated playlists on Spotify, dispersing our own scent in studio, and post sauna services such as our cold towels and complimentary hydration tasters to help you rehydrate. As always, and via feedback from our annual client surveys, we are continuously trying to improve our service to you, our valued clients. We aim to curate the most amazing, and consistent, experience for you, every single time, no matter what studio you visit.

Whilst it was a busy year, it also saw the launch of our partnership with Addison Road in Sydney; a community organisation and charity supporting arts & culture, fighting for social justice and a better and more sustainable future. Becoming our latest partner along with Mettle, batyr and Greenfleet. Addi Road's clients, volunteers, staff and supporters will now be able to get access to services at our Bondi studios, on us, to help those who might need that little bit of time, space and support. 

September saw the introduction of our Airbnb sauna staycation in Bondi. Guests not only avail of the apartment nestled in the bustling upper part of Bondi Road but also the studio services below as part of your booking. The space has been hugely popular since opening with bookings from local wellness travellers to overseas guests, families, and friend groups. The location has also been used for shoots, events, and podcasts. Enquire with the Bondi team if you want to book it in the New Year.

An exciting new phase for the business launched recently in November with our updated website now encompassing not only our sauna and ice bath studios but also the launch of our e-commerce arm of the business. A huge step for us as a brand. This means you can now grab our everyday wellness products such as our face and body oil, or our hydration supplement: Cloud Form all naturally formulated by our co-founder, and nutritionist, Su; as well as everyday wear, in our popular hemp set.


It also coincided with the announcement of the Nimbus at-home wellness tech; our range of saunas and ice baths you can purchase for home, or the office. This has long been a dream of ours; to be able to offer the Nimbus experience to our community when away from our studios.

It was a big end to the year which saw us celebrate as a team nationally. Bondi saw Rory Warnock host an end-of-year breathwork session in the car park at the back of our Bondi studio. Urban wellness at its best. We’re excited to host more events and sessions in this brutalist space and our other studios in 2024.

And whilst another year ends, it also saw the end of a major era for our Byron studio owners, Alex Grima and Matthew Montazeau, passing the torch on to Lyndsay and Matt (owners of our Manly studio). This marked the end of a beautiful chapter since 2018 when Alex and Monty first created our tranquil space in the Northern Rivers. What a job they did and we are eternally grateful for their stewardship during this time. What an amazing community they’ve cultured over the years who now pass the baton to Lyndsay and Matt into 2024 and beyond. And a testament to Alex, who continues her journey with Su at Foile Skincare.

Finally, you might remember our beloved Welcome Your Wellbeing Day that we've held for the past two years. This was our own Nimbus community day created off the back of COVID and a way for us to give back to you all, our amazing community - with free saunas and ice baths all day. You might be thinking is it still around? The answer is, yes! We've just moved it to February going forward, the month of love. Its predecessor, December, whilst being the holiday period, is so busy for us all, that we thought February was the perfect timing for us to give back to you and share the love.

On behalf of Su, Neil, all four studios (Eva, Lyndsay and Matt) - Alex and Monty), our team and staff, we’d like to thank our amazing clients and community for another year of memories, joy and, of course, health and wellness. Thank you for your love and support since we opened the doors in 2016 and right through to today across everything we do.

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