Nimbus Five Senses - Taste

Now introducing TASTE, the second of the 5 senses we’re honouring across our experience at Nimbus Co

What is the 5 Senses Project at Nimbus Co?

Together, yet alone, we experience our world through the five senses ~ taste, smell, sight, touch and sound. We feel and cultivate realness through these very sensations to explore, find unity and comfort, and individuality in how we exist and convene. We do so to find a sense of place, to experience life and its accompaniments and to come home to ourselves again and again amidst the hustle and bustle of it all…

For each sense, we’ll be sharing what we’re doing to harness these sensations throughout your experience at Nimbus Co, and today we’re celebrating:


From life’s first breath, we experience many pleasures, necessities and the curiosities of nourishment through the mouth's portal. Sweet lips smile, taste buds tingle and textures delight. Flavours enliven us in the moment, bring us comfort and joy, trigger fond memories, creating associations for the places we wish to return to. Through taste we learn preferences, help to shape our identities and tune into the innate wisdom of our physical bodies.

We’ve carefully curated the following selections to enhance your experience within our four walls

  • From the clean and earthy groundedness of chlorophyll to the boosting of one’s detoxification process by administering a shot of charcoal to your water.

  • Hydrating super powers of the sweet and uplifting coconut water and watermelon water, present perfectly for that post-sauna replenishment.

  • Whilst pure water may be one of the true unsung heroes when it comes to health and wellness, we certainly don’t take it for granted. Whether you want to avail of our complimentary filtered water or try an Antipodes Native natural still or sparkling, you’ll be sure to quench any thirst.

  • If it’s a Loco Love chocolate you choose before, during or after, you can trust that this is a treat that doesn’t cost you, or our planet, due to its natural and pleasant ingredients.

  • Boost your immune system with the admired Lypo-spheric Vitamin C sachets, of which we now also stock their Magnesium, and Vitamin B equivalents.

This hit list of sauna accompaniments have been recruited to provide you with trusted, likeminded and ethical sources of nourishment that share our ethos and are in this industry to support the greater good. So no matter what ritual you choose, the most important thing is that you keep choosing YOU. Each time you visit us you’re carving out time to prioritise your self-care and make it yours - whatever that tastes like for you…

We created Nimbus Co as a way to serve, and a way to live. To sculpt and facilitate beautiful, grounded and connected experiences for you, our community. Experiences are life. So no matter where you are or where you find us, when we welcome you to Nimbus Co, we welcome you home.

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