Nimbus Business Gift Guide to Wellness Brands in Bondi

Last month saw our seven-year anniversary since Su and I created Nimbus Co, which, at the time, was the first infrared sauna studio in Australia. A lot has changed since then, in what I called back then the ‘Upper East Side’ of Bondi. We weren’t totally sure at first when we moved in, there were a lot of empty units. But, it wasn’t long before friends like Peaches Pilates and Bennett St. Dairy opened close by. Going down memory lane recently got us thinking and, in fact, I have to thank James from the Dairy for the idea.

We decided to create the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to Wellness. We all know about Christmas shopping gift guides and so forth, but how much do we support and cross-promote other brands? Especially good ones. Not often right? That changes right now. Su and I sat down and scanned the local community to find trusted and recommended brands that share our ethos and values. We were spoilt for choice. Secondly, we wanted to try to pick a business leader from each category vertical, it’s not just about coming for a sauna with us you know. We see wellness as a ripple effect, no one brand can be one and all to everyone, but by fostering a solid foundation to do good, others will follow, join or inspire you to do more and help each other. Whilst the below list features some who are not directly linked to wellness, we think they are brands that are still doing great positive work. Take Bennett St. Dairy as a case in point, they had great success off the back of their now-famous cookie dough which got a lot of people through lockdown. And what about Dr Lawrence Neville, a dentist, who in theory is making his industry cool for the first time so that people aren’t in fear when it comes to their dental care.

Could we all be doing more to support local businesses around the area?

The wellness industry has come a long way since 2016 when we hoped on board. Community, however, was always at the forefront of why we started Nimbus in the first place. And whilst we’re in birthday mode, and there’s nostalgia in the air, why not celebrate not just what we do, but all the amazing brands we have on our doorstep in the Bondi and ‘surrounding area’? We have gone a little outside of 2026 for some recommendations and look, since COVID, it hasn’t been easy for any of us, in any industry, particularly of late. Inflation is up, the cost of living for everyone is not exactly cheap right now and businesses are finding it tougher than ever. The list features services we use ourselves, and things we’d recommend you have in your life. Okay, this is it; 20 brands around the Bondi - and extended - area. Let us know what you think or if we missed any. Plus, check out the added discounts each brand has offered for the month of September.

Don’t forget to enter the competition that surrounds the launch of our Nimbus Business Gift Guide, which is a $6,500 valued wellness bundle of prizes donated by all the brands on this year’s list. Click through to the competition at the end of this article.

NIMBUS CO - saunas and ice baths

Okay, let’s get ourselves out of the way first before we clog up your time. Yes, yes, we are an infrared sauna studio, with locations in Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Manly and Richmond, Melbourne. If you didn’t know already, we offer private infrared sauna rooms within our studios, as well as ice baths and cold immersion therapy, compression boots, LED light therapy, as well as in-house practitioners ranging from massage to facials, myotherapists, kinesiologists and reiki practitioners. All studios also offer in-store retail where we only stock like-minded, ethical and conscious brands.

Excitingly though, 2023 sees us launch our own proprietary range of wellness products including our signature face oil, body oil, and natural hydration supplement, all formulated by our co-founder, Su Tuttle, a qualified nutritionist in her own right. Our range also includes our own Nimbus-branded infrared sauna machine that comes in two-person and three-person editions, topped off by our own infrared sauna blanket. The jump further into the world of e-commerce will allow us to bring the Nimbus experience to clients and customers even when not in our studios.

Learn more: @thenimbusco on Instagram and TikTok.

Address: 97 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Nimbus Co has also offered 20% off your first sauna for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

AGOGA - HIIT training

Next up is a married couple and duo, John and Belinda Field; the faces and muscles behind the amazing training centre AGOGA. You could be mistaken to label them as a ‘gym’, but we prefer how they’ve named themselves as an ‘energy centre’. I’ve been attending AGOGA classes from the get-go, and John and Belinda have done so well taking over the reins from Libby and Nick from yesteryear, making it their own. AGOGA mimicks Spartan-like training so you can train like an athlete, which combines functional training with high-intensity interval training. They have signature training classes from faster (high cardio), and harder (high reps) to stronger (slower but heavier weight training).

They’ve been toning and firming bodies of all shapes and sizes for years now and if you want a good kick up the backside, this is the place to be.

Learn more: @agogabondi.

Address: 164 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026.

AGOGA has also offered 15% off all merchandise etc. hoodies, performance tees, visors etc. for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.


This duo are quite something. These two mates joined forces to create Bennett St. Dairy which has seen them grow into more than one cafe around Bondi, but more recently, they shot to notoriety when they were forced to shut their cafés during the COVID lockdown. That didn’t stop them though, in fact, it did the complete opposite. It spurred them on to do something about it and showcase what true innovation stands for, when your luck is down, it can be your most creative time. Of course, we’re talking about their now[-famous batch of leftover cookie dough that sparked their multi-million dollar business.

James Meek, and his chef friend Cliff Baskin, are the joint founders of Bennett St. Dairy and sister spot Blair Street Dairy in Sydney’s North Bondi.

These legends get up extremely early every day, 5 a.m. to be exact, so they can bring us their top-tier coffee. You must try the cookie dough obviously, but even the coffee alone is worth a visit. I rank it up there in my top three coffee spots in Bondi; next to Bru (love you Sondy) and Fika (the amazing Swedish snacks here go hand in hand with excellent coffee for the perfect ‘Fika’, a.k.a break in Sverige). If you’re feeling even more naughty, their bacon and egg roll is up there as one of the best not just in Bondi but in Sydney, in my opinion. Service is always delivered with a smile and I love these guys because they’re just real. Two guys who work hard, have families and are now getting their rewards for the hard work. Well done lads, keep it up.

Learn more: the famous cookie dough, @bennettstdairy.

Address: 73 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

The Dairy has also offered 1/2 price Bircher pots for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

BONDI ROAD TO HEALTH - Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, fertility and IVF

The recently renamed acupuncturist-led health centre has held a very dear part of our Nimbus community for years. Powered by a group of amazing practitioners and women; it boasts the highly renowned skills of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Chiropathy. Shelley and Jen are two phenomenal women and practitioners who long held their practices at our Bondi studio previously under the guise of Yolk Acupuncture, which was led by Rachael Haley. Who, has since moved down to the Shire area (and still practices if you live in that area). Great to see Shelley and Jen set up their own space, which is only a few doors down from our Bondi studio, nestled beside the post office near Ocean Street.

They’re also the matter experts when it comes to all things fertility and IVF acupuncture and have been helping families for years with their fertility journey.

Learn more:, @bondiroadtohealth.

Address: Level 1/127 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Bondi Road to Health has also offered 20% off your first consult for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

CASA SOLEIL - a natural and safe way to tan

Casa Soleil is Sydney’s first fully automated, eco-certified sunless tanning studio. That’s right, not to be mistaken with a solarium, the team behind this business, our neighbours next door at 95 Bondi Road, specialise in a safe and naturally derived substitute to a sun-based tan. A “safer way to tan” labelled by owners Elle, Sam and Jacqueline, the service boasts non-toxic ingredients and has been listed online by clients as “the best tan in the East”. UV Rays can impact our skin in many ways and contribute to 80% of skin aging so it gets our thumbs up in terms of an alternative to tanning.

What’s also impressive about their studio is the fact it is fully automated. You can pop in for a tan literally any time you like. Their genius app-based membership means you can control the whole experience from when you book to when you come in.

Learn more:, @casasoleil___.

Address: 95 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Casa Soleil has also offered 15% off all services for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

FAYSHELL - membership-based facial studio

What makes Fayshell stand out to us is that it’s Australia’s first membership-based skin clinic. Located just up the road at Bondi Junction, Katelin and Ella, the duo behind the concept has sparked a new look approach to caring for your facial routines. The other major differentiator with the Fayshell experience is their customised approach to treatments. It’s not your classic a la carte menu. Your first consultation dives deep into your skin’s history where a careful plan is drawn to meet your own specific needs. No generic one-size-fits-all treatments here. As they say in their own words, ‘no two skins are the same’, so if you’re looking for a more personalised ongoing relationship with your facialist, these are the guys. We particularly love the studio fit-out and design too.

Learn more:

Address: 15 Bronte Road, Bondi Junction, NSW 2022

Fayshell has also offered 15% off all first-time Fayshells, use the code: SPRINGRESET for the month of September as part of this promotion.

OOMAMI - best chilli oil in Bondi

We absolutely love the team behind Oomami, Joe and Lydia, who if you’ve noticed recently have been travelling around Europe this summer sampling the treats of a cultured summer. No doubt they’ll be bringing back inspiration for their new chilly-based flavourings. We luckily had the guys cater our recent Bondi studio rebirth with their chilli-inspired margaritas. Just delicious. We decided to feature Ooomami because, yes, well we love our chilli, but also it’s born and made in Bondi and we love it when ideas and concepts are created in our little neighbourhood - an epicentre for creativity and ideation as we know.

Whilst they are indeed already inspired by cultural capitals such as Italy with their oils, they also take a nod from Japan with their signature ‘Slow Burn’ chilli oil. These are simply must-haves in your kitchen pantry but we warned, if you end up loving them as much as we do, you’ll be restocking your stash quicker than you think.

Learn more: @oomami.syd.

Address: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Oomami has also offered 20% off all products for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.


Run by a married couple, and close friends of ours, Tori Clapham and Chris Hole, pioneers in the pilates space who have brought energy and life as well as wholesomeness, realism and just straight-up fun to the practice. Regulars here will remember their ‘Biggi-lates’ series as a standout, plus the mums-and-bubs sessions. They too had a very successful online program that launched in the midst of COVID and is still going strong boasting enough pilates classes to last you more than a year if you try one every single day. Peaches have their own range of products too from at-home Pilates workout equipment to cute hoodies and other clothing wearables. They share the same values as us that all our welcome; all genders, shapes and sizes. And as Tori famously says, ‘time to get that granny butt’ working, no matter who you are. In some news, they are moving a few doors up on Bondi Road to a brand new space opening later this year, stay tuned for that.

Learn more: @peachespilates.

Address: 89 Bondi Road (for now), Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Peaches has also offered 20% off all class packs for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

RARE STUDIOS - yoga classes and training

Rare Studios is the brainchild of Noelle Connolly and Christian Ralston, both yoga teachers and health coaches themselves. Their new studio offers a range of yoga classes, memberships and passes, teacher training, and events at their Bondi Beach business. They host a diverse range of classes from Yin to Chill Flow, Recovery and Super Chill hosted at the beautifully renovated Bondi Pavillion. And, if yoga training is on your wishlist, Noelle and Christian also have an intensive training course available over a three-day period at a reasonable $1,195. For classes, they have single entries, packs and memberships on offer.

Learn more: @rarestudiosau.

Address: Level 1/180-186 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Rare has also offered 22 classes for the price of a 20 class pack for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

RORY WARNOCK - breathwork and wellness coach

This young Scotsman has quickly become ‘Mr Breathwork’ here in Australia, and even further afield (he recently got back from hosting one of his signature practices in South Africa). Hailing from the quaint city of Edinburgh in Bonnie Scotland, after a stint in advertising in London, he had one of those life-changing experiences when he attended a breathwork class there. Fast forward to today, and this practice is now his only mainstay. Working with brands like Spotify, Google, Uber, LinkedIn, Aje, Versace, Xero and even little old Nimbus Co, his resume is impressive.

He’s also an ultra-marathon runner and pioneer in nasal breathing. You’ll see him often jogging on the Bondi strand with his mouth taped, and no, that’s not a joke. Part of his training is around removing the need for mouth breathing, which has been shown to improve mental and physical performance if you can master it during your day, and even more importantly, when sleeping at night. But if you’re not working at one of those brands listed, don’t worry, Rory is a true community man and has regular monthly breathwork classes that anyone can attend. In my opinion, after being in wellness for the past seven years, and sports my whole life, outside of infrared saunas obviously, there are two things that have really given me that ‘wow’ feeling after doing them. One is ice baths, I know ‘Bondi guy talking about ice baths’, I get it, but they too are fantastic, but, the second was my first breathwork class with Rory. It simply blew my mind. I regularly attend Rory’s practices as check-ins as I just think it’s a vital part of my wellness routine; stress reduction and mental focus.

Learn more: @rorywarnock_.

Address: Bondi Beach, NSW 2026

Rory has also offered 20% off all breathwork classes booked for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

SPA DENTAL - holistic dental practice

Can dentists be cool? The short answer is, yes. And there’s another Scotsman behind this brand, namely, Dr Lawrence Neville, who like many on this list, is a pioneer in his space. You might be thinking, OK dentistry, how can that be pioneering? What’s great about Spa Dental’s approach to the maintenance of teeth is its contemporary and relaxed environment. They recently completed a stunning renovation at their Martin Place space (yes, not quite Bondi but Lawrence hails from there and trust us, it’s worth the train ride in). Upon entry, you feel more like you’re entering a five-star hotel than a dentist’s practice. The attention to detail is second to none and each room is designed as though you’re in an Apple store, each with its own TV that can be watched and viewed whilst getting those teeth squeaky clean. Netflix and teeth clean? Yes, please. When it’s time to leave, you are also supplied with a takeaway goodie bag with items like floss and toothbrushes to put you in good stead.

What I personally like about Spa Dental is that they take a holistic approach to dentistry. They listen to your choices and give multiple options on avenues you could go down. They’re not pushy, which sometimes you can get from your dentist, and they can provide a range of short-term, or budget-conscious decisions, right up to bigger long-term pathways to better dental health.

Learn more: @spadentalsydney.

Address: Suite 2, Level 4, 64 Castlereagh Street, Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Spa Dental has also offered $250 off your Invisalign treatment for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

THE 440 RUN CLUB - weekly Saturday early morning run club

These next guys are probably one of our favourite Bondi institutions, namely Trent Knox and Todd Liubinskas. Two gentlemen and big friendly giants, these guys are putting so much positive energy out there it’s not even funny. The concept is simple but it is a run club with a difference.

They start in the dark, 4:40 am meet for a 5 am start, every Saturday at Bronte beachfront. It takes place rain, hail or shine (well, the shine you don’t see so much as it’s mostly in the dark), but there is something quite special these lads have caught on to. And that for me, is the community yes, but more so the serenity it provides to you by getting up at that early time on a weekend. How often do you get up at 4 a.m., especially on a Saturday? Not often right? I can attest to this feeling as I’ve done it. It’s not an easy run either, 700m, largely uphill and it’s a total of 10 laps, seven kilometres all up. You can of course walk it so it is open for all levels and just everyday people. It’s then followed by a dip in the ocean and you’re all wrapped up by about 6 am. What’s even better is the supercharged feeling you get afterwards, you feel like you have accomplished something, and by right, you have. There’s a lovely sense of gratitude afterwards. ‘I did it’, rang home for me and I had a big sense of pride. What’s one morning a week?

Arguably then the biggest success of this movement, excuse the pun, is the community it’s fostered. There are literally hundreds of people who run it each week, not just in Sydney but around the country. There are now multiple locations and even ones overseas. They encourage a post-run coffee where you get to meet up with the few other hundred attendees. It was quite special mixing with others who lift you up and I’ve been windblown by the connections and relationships I’ve earned from being involved across a very short period. Credit to Trent (particularly) who I’ve got to know over the past few months, who also streams live chats every morning of the week at 4.40 a.m. down at Bondi Beach. He shares his wisdom on how we can all maintain ourselves a little better. This strength and passion comes from his own journey with sobriety and this man truly is an inspiration to so many. Keep up the good work fellas.

Learn more: @the_400.

Address: Every Saturday from 4.40 am, Bronte Beach, Bronte, Sydney NSW 2024

THE CALMM - a modern take on massage

Run by our dear and close friend, Jessie Whittaker, the Calmm has been stationed above our Nimbus Bondi studio now for almost five years. But we don’t just love the Calmm because of Jessie, she’s shot to fame over the past few years in particular due to the Calmm’s modern take on 60 and 90-minute massage. Everything from the reception you get when you arrive, to the scents, the stunning rooms and of course the contemporary practitioners, the experience truly makes you reach a deeper sense of calm.

Their mainstay is lymphatic massage but it doesn’t stop there. The extensive menu list covers human design reading, reiki, lymph detox, facial massage, deep remedial massage, and their signature ‘slow down’ massage. They also offer specialised women’s and pregnancy massage. Some other services include acupressure, Normatech compression boots and LED light therapy. Massage is a very complementary modality to infrared saunas too, and it’s a popular combination to try both at the same time. Why don’t you try it next time you’re in our Bondi studio? Jessie is also fresh from her winter residency at Paramount Hotel, where we ourselves held residencies previously namely with our winter rooftop sauna in 2019 and 2020.

Learn more: @the__calmm.

Address: 1/97 Bondi Road, Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW 2026 Australia

THE HIDDEN SOURCE - crystals and esoteric services

Located just across the road from our Nimbus Bondi studio, we were blown away and extremely jealous of their fit-out when they first moved in. Just stunning. But you must look past their countenance. What lies beneath are highly skilled practitioners and crystal specialists and esoteric practices. They say great time and diligence go into selecting their crystals and products. But it doesn’t stop there. The space also houses a huge array of practitioners on site who practice classes, workshops and one-on-ones.

The list is quite extensive and includes modalities such as psychics, mediums and healers to psychologists, reiki practitioners and intuitives, integrating sound healers, kinesiologists, energy healers, shamanic healers, angel intuitives, spiritual & relationship counsellors and clairvoyants.

Learn more: @thehiddensource.

Address: Shop 3/170 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026

The Hidden Source has also offered 10% off any of our reading or healing services booked for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

THE UPBEAT - dance-based female gym classes

The Upbeat is a female-based high-energy fitness and gym class business run by celebrity trainer, Libby Babet. It’s an ego-free female-only community that Babet has created from her experience as an author, writer and former trainer on the TV show, The Biggest Loser.

You can try your first workout for free to see if it suits you, and if it does land, you can avail of their ongoing group fitness classes, live streams, on-demand programs, as well as outside of the gym with their own nutritional programs. And if you really want that extra step, you can also book private personal training sessions with Lib or any of their trainers. A local stalwart of the Bondi wellness scene, and a mother of two, Lib has an infectious high energy and happy take on life. Just try not to get addicted to the Upbeat.

Learn more: @theupbeatbondi.

Address: 204 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026

TULIPANNA - florist

George and his family-led floral business has long been the top place to get your daily or weekly dose of flowers in the Bondi area. No milestone is too big or small with them and whether you need to grab a quick bunch or something for your big day, they have you covered. It’s my go-to place to go for our Bondi studio and also for home. They always have high-quality flowers on show too, and if anything, that’s part of the issue. I’m often dumbfounded as to what to pick, but again, that’s why I love this place as there’s always George, his wife, or one of the family members or staff on hand to help you make your choice.

I once heard a statistic that Elton John spends more than £100k per year on his floral arrangements. At the time, I couldn’t believe this but fast forward to today and I can sort of relate. I often get in trouble for ordering too much for the studio but I do truly believe flowers bring magic to your day. For me personally, they bring a sense of calm, a scent that triggers an old memory of a place or person, but also they tend to spark that sense of creativity in me. I’m at my best when I have a fresh much on the kitchen table bursting with colour. A weekly must, if you a creative, in my opinion.

Learn more: @tulipanna_flowers.

Address: 133 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026

DR. VIBEKE MURPHY - holistic chiropractor

The very quick and simple way for me to describe what Dr. Vibeke Murphy does is that she takes care of your body. Again, another stalwart when it comes to health and wellness in Sydney and its neighbouring suburbs. She brings over 20 years of experience working with high-profile clients and celebrities and has a degree in Anatomy and Physiology, and a Masters in Chiropractic, as well as being a qualified yoga instructor and mother of two.

She’s been helping people address their physical health concerns for years specialising in sports injuries, and postural concerns whether it be from bad workplace ergonomics, working-from-home Zoom meeting fatigue or pregnancy changes. We worked together for almost a year on flexibility issues I had as a semi-professional footballer (soccer), as well as tendonitis problems I had. Her work allowed me to elongate my playing career into the ripe age of almost 39, which is saying something, The saunas do help in that regard too I will say, but I was astounded by the leaps in which my flexibility took as a result of seeing Vibeke. It was quite shocking and embarrassing how stiff I was. Tension or niggling injuries can sit within your somatic, sometimes for years, which is not doing you any good, trust me. If you’re looking for a general tune-up, you have to pop in to see her - now located with the Bondi Road to Health team

Learn more: @vibeke_murphy.

Address: Shop 1/127 Bondi Rd, Bondi NSW 2026

Vibeke has also offered 10% off all bookings for the month of September as part of this promotion. Simply quote the Nimbus Business Gift Guide to redeem.

WAVES OF WELLNESS - mental health surf charity

Waves of Wellness or Foundation NOW is a mental health charity based in Bondi. It specialises in surf therapy that changes lives by
delivering for-purpose, innovative support programs for people experiencing mental health challenges. Their now evidence-based surf therapy has been shown to improve mental well-being through their wellness programs. You might also see them down at Bondi Beach on a weekly basis, where they host their community-led ice bath mornings at sunrise. They also offer at-work wellness programs in person or online.

Next month they’re also running their fundraising campaign ‘Ducktober’ a cold water therapy challenge to improve your mental health whilst fundraising to help others improve theirs. Ducktober encourages people to take part in a daily ‘duck’ for mental health throughout the month whether that's an ocean swim, a duck dive, an ice bath, or just a cold shower every day. I’ve been threatening our Nimbus Bondi team to take part. We now have our own ice bath as part of our services in the studio so we’ve no excuse not to take part.

Learn more: @foundationwow.

Address: Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW 2026 Australia

WRAPD - fashion-led app for discounts and deals

Everyone wants to save money while shopping, say founders Sali Sasi and Julie Stevanja - including a group they initially forgot (guys). If you haven’t heard of Wrapd it might be because they’re formerly known as Her Black Book. This fashion-based app collates and curates deals to make your shopping experience that little bit easier. We’ve been working with the team for a few years now and initially, we loved the connection as they were a business that was supporting and empowering women to make better choices with brands. The recent brand refresh was due to the fact that guys also want discounts, and I can agree that yes we do.

Their network and app track the latest trends as well as offers and cashback deals across multiple industries like fashion, beauty, men’s, bags, jewellery, designer, skincare, haircare, everyday, and shoes. Not to mention some of the top-tier brands that are on offer such as St Agni, Aje, Farfetch, Oroton, Cos, Lululemon and more. I love a bargain, so it’s a great way to keep an eye on those favourite items that drop or if there’s a discount you can grab on the go.

Learn more:

Address: Online via their app, offices in Surry Hills, Sydney NSW 2010

That’s a wrap as they say, let me know if this was of help and if you know these brands, or not. I’d love to know if it did help you in any way. And don’t forget, we have our big competition running for the month of September. One lucky winner will receive a wellness pack-of-all-packs worth over $6,500 of goodies donated by all the brands listed. To find out about prize and to enter, just hit the button below. Good luck!




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