Let’s Talk About Sex; Pleasure, Health and Empowerment

This week on the Journal, we discuss sexual pleasure, health and empowerment with the two founders of The Figr; a lubricant business created with women in mind.

What was the intention behind creating The Figr?

Around a year ago, we noticed a huge void in the sexual wellness space. Our main question was why isn’t it common to buy your skincare, makeup and sex products in the same place? This started the journey of us wanting to create and normalise buying beautiful, easily accessible and good quality lubricant in the hope to promote sex positivity and sexual education within the community.

Sexual pleasure is an innate part of the human experience, yet talking openly about sex is still seen as taboo. Why do you think this is?

It’s very bizarre as sex is arguably the most natural behavior in humans and all animals! It definitely stems from many things such as the patriarchy, religion and cultural differences. From education to pornography, the female perspective on pleasure, in all its forms, is barely discussed or truly understood. We need to be able to discuss sex to understand it. Talking about sex in an open manner can help to prevent harm, promote better sexual health and ultimately makes your sex life better!

How can individuals take control of and look after their sexual health?

Sexual health is more than just seeing your doctor to check for STIs. Meditate and check in with yourself to see what your needs and wants are. You can try things alone or if you’re with a partner, vocalise it to them - whether it’s your libido changing or a fantasy you want to try. Honesty creates a comfortable, safe and thriving sexual environment. Also be conscious of what goes inside of your body. There are some lubricants on the shelves that should be avoided as they can actually cause more harm than good.

What makes The Figr's lubricant unique?

First and foremost, it’s a lubricant that puts vulva owners first; its purpose is to get you wet, not to cause an aftershock leaving you with a dreaded yeast infection. It contains nine kind, carefully selected ingredients with a spotlight on finger lime & strawberry gum. The ingredients are rich in Vitamin E & C along with a pH balanced at 4.3. This lubricant is made to feel as close to natural lubrication as possible but with a little extra slip!

What does empowerment mean to you?

It’s taking control over your own life and making decisions based on what’s right for you. Claim your space, set your intentions and make things happen.

Eloise McCullough and Eloise O’Sullivan, founders of The Figr - @thefigrcom

FIGR (thefigr.com). Use ‘NIMBUS20’ for 20% off.

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