Journal Prompts: Release and Reflect 

A daily guide to help you slow down, inquire within and press pause on the busyness around you. So much of our lives revolve around the external factors that surround us, we can easily forget the importance of what happens on the inside. We invite you to reflect on what is important to you, to focus on your thoughts and prioritise the wellbeing of your mind. 


The start of your journey, where intentions are set for the week ahead; focus on positive shifts and new beginnings, and smile.

What have you done today for self care?


Connect with yourself, connect with your flow and where your thoughts are taking you.

What would you do if you had no obstacles in your way?


Tune in to your mid-week mood, make time for the quiet and the calm, practice gratitude.

What makes you anxious?


Focus on kindness, to yourself, to others; come from a place of love and harmony in your actions.

What is something that made you reflect today?


Seize the opportunity for reflection, sit in both the discomfort and the joy, focus on the things you have learnt about yourself.

How did you lean into discomfort today?


Give your attention to the things that bring you to a place of calm, to a still and soft state of mind.

What have you learned this week?


Slow down and reflect on the week that has passed, tune in to your thoughts, sit with your emotions, allow space for growth.

What rituals have you followed this week?

Download the full guide for more reflection prompts, and a structure to track self-care activities such as hydration, meditation, and sleep.- purchase HERE $9.95

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