Wisdom of the Body

I will forever be fascinated by the masterpiece creation of the physical body. The systems in our body govern our thoughts, emotions and the experiences that shape our reality. Our body has a language of its own and if you learn how to listen, you have the ability to heal, flourish, expand and move powerfully through life.

When the body is unwell, lacking energy or stressed, you’re more likely to experience challenges and frustrations. However, there are self-healing mechanisms that will enhance your vitality; breathe, movement, massage, meditation and nutrition. Self-healing is activated through these mechanisms. According to Roger Jahnke, A Doctor of Oriental Medicine “we produce within us a remarkable natural healing resource. It is the ‘healer within’. The human body comes with its own standard equipment for self-healing”. This means that we have the ability to turn on and produce our own internal medicine.

As we know, it’s never one mechanism or ‘tool’ to enhance our health. Here at Nimbus Co we value attending to our emotions, relationships, mental health, physical body and overall wellbeing. By adding infrared saunas into your routine, you’re providing yourself with an opportunity to activate the body’s self-healing systems and restore balance.

Heat therapy is a phenomenal tool for;

  • Detoxifying the organs

  • Increasing circulation

  • Transporting oxygen and nutrients to the musculoskeletal system

  • Calming the nervous system

You may notice that once you enter the private infrared sauna room that you allow your body to relax. By reducing external stimuli, you create space for conscious breathing. A few minutes of deep inhales and exhales will shift you from a sympathetic stressed state to a calmer parasympathetic state. This is where we can connect to our body and think more harmoniously.

As your body reaches a higher temperature, there are many physiological changes that occur. Heat therapy supports the immune system, metabolism and your general sense of well-being. Infrared saunas work by heating the body from the inside out. As circulation increases your sweat glands are activated. Your sweat cools down your skin as it evaporates helping to lower your internal temperature.

As your body ‘works hard’ to maintain its temperature, the blood vessels under your skin widen. The increased blood flow to the surface of the skin nourishes and detoxifies. This leads to internal healing, relief from joint pain, faster muscle recovery and reduced inflammation. When your body starts to detoxify, that’s when your reality starts to change.

In this day and age, it is a requirement to take care of your physiological systems. Use health enhancing tools like infrared saunas as a gateway to feeling at home in your own skin. We are in awe of the human body and the highly sophisticated self-healing mechanisms within. There is still so much we are yet to understand but as we begin to acknowledge the power we hold, we can enhance our overall experience of life.


Cassie Magill, massage therapist ~ @melt_bycassmagill

For more information on Nimbus Co and our infrared saunas; Nimbus Co | About — Nimbus & Co.



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