Self-Facial Massage with Cassie from Melt Massage

This is the very practice that transformed my relationship with myself.

There isn’t much more that will tell you how you really feel about yourself than sitting in front of the mirror and massaging your face.

This is the very practice that transformed my relationship with myself.

The practice of self-facial massage goes a lot deeper than the superficial layer of the skin. It’s an intimate moment between you, and the person staring right back at you. It’s an opportunity for self-inquiry, to notice the thought patterns and beliefs that you hold about yourself, to discover where you’re holding pain and tension, and to allow your hands and healing intention to relieve physical and emotional stress.

There are many other notable benefits. Massage through using specific techniques drains and de-puffs the face of excess lymphatic fluid, increases the glow by bringing oxygen, nutrients and blood to the surface of the skin, and sculpts, tones and shapes the face and calms the nervous system.

Here’s how I do it.

Oil ~

Prepare a light nourishing oil to massage into your skin. Jojoba, coconut, sweet almond, rosehip. These oils create a slip element between your hands and your skin.

Clear Space ~

Create a clutter free, zen, tranquil, quiet environment. Set up in a bathroom or bedroom where you have access to a mirror.

Sound ~

Put on some binaural beats that integrate theta waves to support you in reaching a meditative state. Sit down to a quiet meditation. Take this time to dissolve anything from your body and mind that aren’t serving you.

Breath ~

Connect with your breath. Allow your body to relax by taking three slow deep breaths. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Sight ~

 Avoid any bright, blue light. Blue light suppresses the production of the melatonin hormone which is responsible for making you feel sleepy and relaxed. Beeswax candles are my go-to, they reveal colours of reds and oranges that your hormones appreciate. They also clean the air by releasing negative ions while burning.

Smell ~

Burn Palo Santo and essential oils such as rosemary, sandalwood and clary sage.

Tea or Tonic ~

Steep your favorite calming tea or make something nourishing and grounding like a medicinal mushroom and oat milk tonic.

Hot/Cold ~

Run a hand towel under warm water and press and hold into your face and over your neck in the evening to help release tension. In the morning I like a cold wet hand towel to invigorate as well as calm and soothe congestion in the face.

Touch ~

Follow along with the self-facial massage videos provided on @meltinmotion Instagram. Massage is about feeling good and discovering what feels pleasurable for you. Move, press, release and circle your fingers over the areas of your face that you feel drawn to.

Journal ~

I suggest keeping a journal with you to write out any strong emotions or beliefs that come up for you. Allow for the emotion to be a warning sign for you to take inventory and assess where you need to look and provide yourself with kindness and compassion. Then take these strong feelings through a meditation to reprogram and receive a healing.

When I first started setting aside the time to do this ritual I noticed a lot of negative self-sabotaging thoughts arising. I noticed resistance to sit in front of a mirror for longer than a few minutes. No matter how lux my skin care products were, or how many crystals I laid out around me, I still heard the voice of a neurotic woman.

I heard, ‘why is my skin dry, I always look tired, my eyes are puffy’. All of these thoughts were self-destructive and projecting a negative frequency.

I listened to a podcast by Guru Jagat. She says;

‘Be very careful what you say. Your thoughts and words hold a frequency, you don’t even have to say the words out loud, when you habitually speak negatively of yourself it manifests into your life experiences.’

She also talks about the radiant body. ‘To embody the radiant body, it glorifies you, allows you to project into the world, and attract success and also dispels negativity and darkness wherever you go. When you doubt yourself, you are low in energy. Self-criticism instantaneously takes 30% of your energy a day. There is an energy to beauty, a frequency, and it’s inherent in your human design. How clear and how strong the frequency is depends upon your ability to let it radiate unimpeded.’

‘As long as there is a physical form of you, there is a frequency of beauty that can and will radiate from you, if you allow it.’

These concepts shifted a lot in me. I’ve committed to changing the way I think and speak in my daily self-facial massage practice and as I practice and reflect I gain momentum to show up in the world with this new attitude and self-fulfilling sovereignty. Your thoughts are a negative or positive frequency that vibrates out of your auric field. I use self-facial massage as an opportunity to meet negative thoughts and emotions with kindness and compassion. To shift the internal dialogue and ALLOW beauty to radiate from me in all forms.

I practice deeply caring for myself through this ritual using intentional therapeutic massage and thank myself for creating a beautiful luxurious space. The sound, smells, herbs, touch, lighting, it all counts for the way you feel towards yourself.


Because how you really feel about the person in the mirror is everything.

When you habitually feel good about yourself you become magnetic and embody a glowing radiance. What you truly want in life comes to you, you look and feel beautiful, you also attract it. You expand and touch fulfilling experiences and people because it’s mirroring your projection back to you, and you feel like a queen or king for creating this for yourself.

That's the practice.

That's the vision.

That’s my motivation.

‘You must see yourself and you must conquer yourself, when you conquer yourself you can conquer the world’ ~ Yogi Bhajan.


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