Reconnecting to Self

For many of us, this period of isolation and lockdown has taken a toll on our mental health. The fear, uncertainty and stress that we have endured as individuals and as a community has been great.

Infrared saunas are an incredible tool in helping us return to self, something we all desperately need.

As normalcy slowly returns, it is important to be kind to ourselves. Our brains have been exposed to a heightened state of vigilance, getting swept away in the constant whirlwind of news and media. Our 45 minute infrared sauna sessions let you escape the external noise for some much needed restoration and relaxation.

Our saunas allow you to rest, warm your heart and tap into your thoughts and emotions. It is an opportunity to pause and reflect. How did you feel during isolation? How are you feeling now? Most importantly, are you okay? Take the time to sit with yourself, listen to your inner voice and take note of what arises.

Meditation is another beautiful way to return to self. Play a Nimbus guided meditation or some soft music to be soothed into a state of relaxation. Or you can simply sit in the warmth and connect to your breath. Deep breaths in, hold and exhale out.

After your session, you will feel rejuvenated, refreshed and re-energised. With your mind rested and mood elevated, you will begin to ease back into your former self.

We welcome you back into our studios with open arms. We have remained, and always will remain, your safe space whenever you need to take a moment from the world.

Written by Alex Carroll - @alexcarroll_

For more information on Nimbus Co and our infrared saunas; About Nimbus Co. — Nimbus Co.


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