Our Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

With busy schedules, technology and the daily stressors of modern living, getting enough deep and restorative sleep often eludes us.Good sleep is a necessity, not only for its physical and mental health benefits, but for allowing you to thrive and optimise your day. Here are our tips for a good night of sleep that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.


After sunset is the time that nature intended for us to fall asleep. Once it’s dark, try to reduce artificial lighting inside so that you can begin to unwind.


The light from our screens suppresses the hormone melatonin which helps to regulate our sleep cycle. Try a technology-free hour before bed to support the natural production of this hormone.


Eating a few hours before bed gives the digestive system time to process your meal. Falling asleep on a full stomach means your bodily systems may focus on digestion rather than rest and recovery.


Magnesium helps to calm the nervous system and soothe muscle tension. When taken before bed, it can promote relaxation of the mind and body for a deeper sleep.


Try to maintain a cooler temperature in your bedroom if possible. Should your core temperature become too warm you may become restless and unable to fall into a restorative state.


Acknowledging then releasing the day’s thoughts and returning to your breathe, is a powerful way to quieten a racing mind. Try inhaling and exhaling to the count of the four until you feel yourself drift off into sleep.

Written by Alex Carroll ~ @alexcarroll_

Image by Vianca Soleil ~ @viancasoleil

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