How-To Experience A Restorative Facial Experience At-Home

Performing a facial at home is a ritual that is not only beneficial for the skin, but is an opportunity to nurture yourself on a holistic level. Whether it be once a week or once a month, take a moment to slow down, reconnect and nourish yourself.

Step One - Cleanse

Cleansing can often be overlooked, hurried or not seen as essential, however it is a fundamental first step. Doing a double cleanse will remove the daily build up of sunscreen, make-up and environmental pollutes, whilst also preparing the skin to receive the benefits from the following steps. Go slowly, take a few deep breaths and remove the cleanser with a warm face cloth. We prefer organic cotton, muslin or hemp materials for soft removal. Using a cloth ensures that you effectively remove all of the product while lightly exfoliating your skin.


Step Two - Exfoliate

Use your own exfoliator that is suitable for your skin type or condition. Exfoliation is key for encouraging skin cell turnover and can help treat a myriad of concerns such as pigmentation, congestion and dull complexions.


Step Three - Face Mask

Once again, use a mask to suit your skin condition or concern. If you aren’t currently using a product from your own facialist or a salon, you can apply a DIY mask to deliver concentrated nutrients directly to your skin. Some products we love to use are high quality Manuka honey for its antibacterial properties (which you can find across Nimbus Co’s infrared sauna studios). You can mix a clay such as a green or yellow kaolin cray or mash some papaya which contains natural exfoliating enzymes. While the mask is on, this is an ideal time to go inward with some meditation or connect with your body through some slow dry body brushing.


Step Four - Massage & Moisturise

After removing your mask, finish your ritual with a facial massage. This will stimulate blood flow and circulation, lymphatic drainage and reduces facial tension. Start by applying your facial oil and make any movements that feel comfortable. You can use your hands or incorporate tools such as a gua sha or stone roller. If using a gua sha, start by releasing tension through the neck before working your way up to the face. You can draw inspiration from Nimbus Co’s IGTV ‘Self-Facial Massage Sequence’.


By choosing to make your skincare practice a ritual, you can create a precious moment to ground and honour your whole self.


Written by Natalie Lesser, qualified skin therapist - @natalielesser

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