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¹ Infrared Saunas

The infrared light can't be seen by the naked eye but it gives off what's called 'radiated heat' that is absorbed by the surface of the skin. This penetrates deep within your tissues, muscles and cells, benefiting your body as the sun would, but without causing any UV damage. Unlike traditional saunas, the air in an infrared sauna is a lot drier, making it easier to breathe. This form of slow heating makes infrared saunas a much more comfortable experience than a traditional one resulting in increased detoxification.

Premium Infrared Saunas from Nimbus Co

² Traditional vs Infrared

Traditional saunas heat the air around you through convection and conduction impacting largely the surface of your skin. Infrared saunas differ as they use infrared heat panels that emit three types of infrared light (mid, near and far), which are frequencies that penetrate different layers of the body. As a result, it gives users deeper detoxification and a more cleansing experience. Traditional saunas dehydrate you more than an infrared sauna and remove more water but fewer toxins. Traditional saunas only remove about 3% of toxins in your body, whereas an infrared sauna can remove up to 20% of toxins from your body.

Traditional saunas only heat the air around you, whereas infrared saunas penetrate deep within your body at a cellular level. Infrared saunas use dry heat, whereas traditional saunas use humid heat resulting in poor air quality, with less oxygen in the air, giving you the typical sense of difficulty when breathing.

³ LED Therapy

Chromotherapy is LED coloured light therapy where different light colours can support multiple health and wellness benefits to your mind and body. It has been said that chromotherapy is deeply therapeutic and can restore imbalances to the body, with each colour benefiting in it’s own way from skin healing, to mood boosting and reducing symptoms of depression, inflammation to aiding in muscle recovery.

Benefits of Infrared Saunas


Sweating is the body's natural process to remove toxins and nasty chemicals from the body. Infrared rays gently heat the body, increasing the core temperate and creating a deep reaction from within your body's cells to assist the detoxification process.

Muscle Recovery

Infrared saunas can help improve your recovery time by increasing blood flow to your muscles which helps reduce inflammation. The heat supports the body to relax muscles, which can also aid in recovery.

Reduced Stress

One of the biggest benefits of an infrared sauna is relaxation and the chance to de-stress. People today live busy lives and we are now under more daily stress than ever before. An infrared sauna session can not only help you unwind but it also decreases the production of cortisol, the main hormone for stress in the body.

Improved Skin Health

Near infrared has been shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. Sweating improves blood circulation as well as skin elasticity, tone, texture and firmness - it also helps unblock pores and reduce blemishes. A weekly infrared sauna session will leave you glowing and the more you sweat the better you'll feel.

Pain Relief

If you’re suffering with aches and pains, an infrared sauna is a great way for you to deal with these. Infrared saunas increase circulation, which encourages healing blood flow to trouble areas.

Weight Loss

A number of studies have shown that you can burn up to 700 calories per session. As your body attempts to cool itself down, it also increases your heart and metabolic rate making you burn more calories.

Immune Support

When you use a sauna it increases the core temperature of your body. Bacteria and viruses can't survive under certain temperatures and this increased heating helps your body fight these off, giving your immune system that added boost.

Better Sleep

Support Mental Health


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