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Jade Gua Sha

Jade Gua Sha

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Ancient wisdom meets modern day self-care.

A tool that can be used post sauna, as part of your ritualised skin care routine or even as a sporadic treat for the senses. The ancient beauty tool to help support and enhance your skincare ritual . While facial rollers provide similar benefits, the Gua Sha tool is used for a more deeper massage and helps to enhance skin elasticity.


How to use

Pressure, consistency and intention are important factors in your practice.  The softer the touch, the more you are supporting the lymph fluid, and with more pressure know you’re moving into muscle. Be gentle with yourself this practice should not cause discomfort or bruising. 
 Start your ritual with a clean face and apply 4-8 drops of facial oil covering the neck and face. 

Neck; start at the neck sweeping up on both sides.

Chin; sweep under your chin from the middle of your face out to your earlobe, keeping your tool flat. If you’d like, hold the skin under your chin with your other thumb as you glide the tool back to your earlobe in the opposite direction.

Jawline; sweep from the midline of your skin along your jawline moving the tool back towards your earlobe. You can wriggle at your ear to encourage the fluid to drain down the neck to the lymph nodes at the base, just above your collarbone.

Cheekbone; sweep over your cheekbones to remove and fluid build up finish up at the hairline. Eyes; move the tool very gently from the inner corner of the eye moving in towards the hairline.

Eyebrow; glide up from the eyebrow bone towards the hairline. When you sweep up, do it in three to five smaller sections. Forehead; glide from the centre of the forehead past the hairline towards your ear.


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