Nimbus Co Bondi Local Business Gift Guide Winner Interview

September saw our Bondi studio launch its inaugural local business guide guide.

As part of our spring reset theme, we curated 20 of our top recommended wellness brands from the Bondi (and surrounding) area. Whether it is who you need to go to for your weekly pilates or yoga class, or to your local coffee shop, or where you go to keep your teeth in check, we have you covered.

The business list didn't just stop there with the vetted recommendations alone, each brand also donated a discount code to use each service for the month. On top of this, contributions were made to a 'wellness pack of all packs' equating to a whopping $6,500 value in prizes. There were 10 packs for classes, chilly oil supplies and free consultations. 

The competition ran on social media and the lucky first winner was Sarah Richardson. We sat down with the UK native now turned Bondi local to learn about her, what wellness means to her and most importantly, how she's going to use the prize pack.

Would you mind telling us a bit about you? Are you from Bondi? What industry do you work in etc? 

I moved to Sydney after living in London about a year ago now. Currently living in Woollahra but do find myself down in Bondi/Bronte/Tamarama quite a bit on the weekends. I currently work in HR in the Healthcare industry.

What's your normal wellness routine? What are your ‘go-tos’ when it comes to wellness... (is it saunas, or pilates? Do tell)

My wellness routine varies a little but mainly revolves around reformer pilates, spin classes and weights training. My housemate has just started a Centennial Park Run club so trying to get back into running too. Since moving to Sydney, I've adapted to the healthier lifestyle everyone lives by here and have dabbled in saunas and the odd sunrise Bronte pool dip.

Were you excited about winning the inaugural Nimbus Bondi Gift Guide?

I was beyond excited when I found out I won this amazing wellness prize. So many of my friends had entered and I honestly never won anything so it was a little hard to believe at first. Had to check if it was a scam account or not first!

Did you know much about Nimbus Co and the local businesses before?

I am relatively new to Nimbus Bondi. I heard about the Nimbus Co Bondi Local Business Gift Guide via Instagram and lots of my friends were sharing the post at the time.

Where did you hear about Nimbus Co and our local business gift guide competition?

I was introduced to Nimbus early this year, as my friends had given me a voucher. I'm not a huge fan of your average sauna but the infrared saunas at Nimbus was a totally different experience that I really enjoyed. Especially with the beautiful interiors and the distraction of Netflix or Spotify whilst you sauna. It's the perfect place to escape the busy week.

Be honest, did you know all 20 of the businesses featured in our local business gift guide?

Being relatively new to Sydney, I wasn't aware of all the brands but have definitely heard of the majority.

At the time of entering, what was your favourite wellness local business to frequent from the list?

I would say Nimbus, as I had just recently been visiting there and maybe Bennett Street Dairy when I'm in the mood to treat myself.

Were there any surprises to the local business list you thought you might try out?

The one I was excited to try which I hadn't heard of before was the Chinese tongue diagnosis from Bondi Road To Health. Very intrigued to see what the outcome is there.

What was the most exciting prize that was on the local business wellness list for you?

Also excited to try Peaches Pilates, as my friend has been there and loved it.

Keep an eye out for Sarah's journey via her Instagram handle @richardsonsarah.

Interview conducted by Nimbus Co, co-founder, Neil O'Sullivan.

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